Our Approach

Our service approach is to gather as many pertinent facts as practical from our clients within a reasonable amount of time. We then apply these "inputs" to our decision framework before sharing concrete recommendations. There will be no "perfect" solution on the first - or perhaps, any - iteration. This process manifests itself into an objective (and hopefully rational) decision making process. For our financial planning clients, this may be described as a holistic approach that allows them to live life on their terms. Our investment philosophy can be categorized as a highly-disciplined, quantitatively-driven, fundamental value approach. Aligning our client portfolios to their risk tolerance using a scientifically validated questionnaire allows them to sleep at night knowing that their money is working hard for them. Tax preparation clients know that hindsight is 20/20 and that the true value of financial advice often comes after years (and sometimes, decades) of diligent teamwork. Our overall hope is to use our brains more than our hearts and to use our brains far more than our stomachs.

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