Investment Management

Do you feel lost in the fog by not knowing where you are and where you are heading? Are you numbed by the constant flow of news blasting from the television or flying across your screen? Do you freeze when hearing stories predicting the next crisis du jour? Our time-tested and highly-disciplined process will help focus the signal from the noise and simplify your life. We offer ongoing investment management for clients of all sizes.

We gauge your risk...

Gauging your risk tolerance is the most important part of our investment management process. It is human nature to covet great returns when markets are on fire and avoid nausea when the weather gets stormy. Over the long term, all market downdrafts in the past have been temporary detours from an amazingly wondrous investment voyage. Gauging your risk tolerance is part science and part - well - art. We typically revisit your risk tolerance every year.

We allocate your assets...

Your asset allocation lies at the heart of your long term investment strategy. It provides a beacon (much like a lighthouse) for when times get dark and stormy. Because stocks and bonds tend to move in different directions during the phases of a market cycle (a phenomenon called negative correlation), these two broad asset classes offer diversification benefits that held smooth the ride in your portfolio over time. Our current approach is to rebalance your portfolio back to your strategic asset allocation once every quarter.

We select your securities...

Our investment philosophy is that markets are semi-efficient. That is a technical way of saying that in the long term, assets (individual stocks and bonds) are priced correctly for the underlying economic potential and the business risk of the company. Over the short term, we believe that asset prices can diverge from their true value and this provides investment opportunities. For this reason, we reselect securities for your portfolio every quarter.

ESG Scale

We align your portfolio...

A common benefit to you is that we align your portfolio with your risk tolerance. An uncommon benefit to you is our ability to align your portfolio with your values preferences. Some investors wish only to only seek financial rewards from our investment management services - and that is fine with us. Others want to make an impact with their money by overweighting companies with higher environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factor scores.

We use a flat, asset-based structure to our client fees for our investment management services. One of the key benefits to this type of structure is that it provides excellent alignment of interests between the client (you) and the advisor (us). As your wealth increases, you would pay a higher annual fee. If your wealth decreases, you would pay a reduced annual fee. We do not currently have a minimum account size. But, clients with less than $100,000 are required to employ our financial planning services.

JQR Capital Fee Structure (2021)

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