Butternut Daze Aboard Sparky (2023-05-27)

A beautiful sail on a building southerly to Napatree Point for a distant glimpse of High Watch. Then, a tack to pass Seal Rocks and mirror the north shore of Fishers Island. Quick views of Flat Hammock and the Dumplings before a final wave to the folks on Groton Long Point. A good time was was had by all!

JQR Capital Sailing Adventure (2023-07-30)

A beautiful sail past Ram Island on a clearing north westerly breeze to High Watch for a wave to Taylor. Then, a gybe and a dozen tacks to split the gap between The Black Castle and Wiccopesset Island. Cormorants greeted us at East Clump before we returned back past Mouse Island. The motor (of course) would not start when we had a close encounter with a very large and very shiny motor yacht docked at Noank Shipyard. The motor (of course) started on the first pull when returning Sparky back to her mooring from the dock at Maxwell Boatyard. A good time was was had by all - I think!

JQR Capital Sailing Adventure (2023-10-01)

A beautiful sail before a spirited northerly breeze past Ram Island on our way to High Watch for a wave to Taylor. We saw a very interesting vessel being towed through Watch Hill Passage by a small tug. We were "only" two Black & Stormy's into the voyage - so, it must not have been the Mount Gay in our eyes. As predicted, the northerly died and we were forced to start up the iron horse in an attempt to make it back to civilization in time for the Patriots game. Alerts to my Apple Watch suggested there was no real rush to turn on the good old boob tube and we opted for a final round of refreshments to celebrate the sunset from the dock. Great steering by Pam, Deirdre, and Hugh. A good time was was had by all. Welcome to October!

JQR Capital Sailing Adventure (2023-10-03)

A totally spontaneous weekday sail taking advantage of the last gasp of summer. Shorts and tee shirts were the apparel of choice with a lovely southwesterly breeze. The realtors - and photographer - in our group opted for a deep dive into West Harbour. Many tacks landed us at Fishers Island Yacht Club under sunny skies and uncrowded docks. Our hairbrained idea to visit The Pequot Inn was nixed by the late season (non)opening schedule during the week. We "survived" with the best Cap Cod potato chips money could buy and a perfectly chilled bottle of rose. Our returm trip graced us with views of Flat Hammock, South Dumpling, and North Dumpling. Sorry, no sightings of Dean Kaman (King Dumplonian) this season. Great steering by Pam and cracker jack crew work from Leslea. Excellent bartending by Neil. You are ALL invited back at any time. A perfect end (?) to the sailing season!

JQR Capital Sailing Adventure (2023-10-10)

What started as a very mild southwesterly breeze in the harbour turned into a spirited ride with our big jib. The visibility was amazing and the rocks on West Clump were fully exposed to the ebbing tide. Our "standard" island tour passed Flat Hammock and South Dumpling on our way out past North Hill. A quick watch check indicated that we did have time to venture out toward Race Rock. Our speed was so good that we had to almost go head to wind in order to let the Fishers Island Ferry cross our bow and duck into Silver Eel Pond. The currents were - as usual - chaotic out around Race Rock and I swear that we caught air during one of our heaves. We were able to dry off on our downwind return past North Dumpling, Groton Long Point, and Morgan Point Light. Great crew work and amazing sandwiches from Ali and Clay. Next time, please bring the dogs. See you next season!